Mining Farms

Our state of the art mining farms are environmentally friendly facilities utilizing renewable energy resources in multiple locations that maintain a favorable year-round climate with efficient electricity. Building these customized mining facilities to minimize our environmental footprint is the key to maintaining lower operational costs while providing the highest return for our clients.

Corporate Headquarters

Bit5ive’s success lies in our commitment to our clients, hailing from a variety of industries and professions. Even though our operations span the globe, we have chosen to locate our corporate headquarters in Miami’s burgeoning Midtown district. This facility serves as our home base for managing all data centers, sales, and client relations.

Northern Sweden

Located in the arctic region of Sweden, our mining farm hosts thousands of miners, powered by several nearby hydroelectric facilities on the Lule River. Cutting-edge equipment such as large scale fans and evaporative coolers helps make our facility the best in the industry. Rapidly, the technology sector has been converging on the region, with the press nicknaming it the “Node Pole” due to the high density of bandwidth and power. Most notably, Facebook has set up their European data center in a neighboring city.

Washington State

Bit5ive’s mining farms in Washington State boast hundreds of miners in each location, all powered by hydroelectricity. Each farm is completely customized to its location. For example, Pangborn, located in the mountains, requires less fans because of the natural wind present at that altitude. The Quincy mining farm is located in a high desert, so we optimize our facility with humidifiers and evaporators to keep the interior environment optimal at all times. Traditionally, Washington State has been a hub for innovation, with pioneers like Microsoft and Amazon setting up their first large-scale data centers in the region.


In 2018, Bit5ive entered into a management agreement SPO for the management of their 50 megawatt facility. In 2019 we started the production of the new POD5, in summer of 2019 we deployed the first POD5 concept which surpassed everyone’s expectation. In 2019 we have begun the full production line of the POD5 concept.

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